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What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Our club is inviting girls into the world of rhythmic gymnastics – the most beautiful, graceful, and expressive sport. Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport in which a gymnast competes individual or group routines with apparatus such as ball, rope, hoop, ribbon, and clubs. A floor exercise is also performed in Xcel competition and Levels 3-8. 

A rhythmic gymnast will always stand out in the crowd because of her beautiful figure, elegant posture, defined muscles, coordination, grace, and ability to carry herself with poise and confidence. Rhythmic gymnastics is the kind of sport girls need at an early age.

Rhythmic gymnastics combines complex strength exercises, apparatus handling, and various forms of dance, developing rhythm and musicality. 

At the same time, the girls learn about life skills such as working hard, setting and achieving goals, willpower, strengths of character, time management, and respect for coaches and teammates.

Through Rhythmic Gymnastics, your child will learn to express themselves through movement and dance. This sport will give your child all the necessary skills to become a beautiful and professional athlete. We are here to help your child reach their goals, whether those are learning new skills or high-level competition!

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