Our Coaches

All Prima coaches are committed to sharing their knowledge with every child to help them develop into the best possible athlete. You can meet our coaches below:

Olga Aganesova, Gym Owner and Development Team Coach
- Over 40 Years of Coaching Experience
- Master of Sport in former USSR
- Graduated from Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism (formerly known as Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture and Sport)
- Trained multiple National Champions

Valeriya Pischelina, Level 5-9 Development Team Coach
- 2016 Rio Olympian- Belarus Group
- 1st Place World Champion (Kiev, 2013)- Belarus Group
- Master of Sport in Belarus
- Coaching since 2016
- Trained multiple National Champions

Ruslana Behen, Level 3-5 Development Team Coach
- Over 18 Years of Coaching Experience
- Master of Sport
- Graduated from Lviv State University of Physical Culture

Natalia Emagulova, Recreational and Xcel Team Coach
- Over 5 Years of Coaching Experience

Shirin Nazari, Development Team Coach

Katherine Krapivnaya, Preschool and Recreational Coach
- Coaching since 2018
- Athlete with over 10 years of experience
- USAG Certified Instructor
- First coach of gymnasts who are now members of our competitive team