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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Prima offers private lessons for rhythmic gymnasts (beginner to advanced), dancers, ballerinas, figure skaters, and other athletes. 

Competitive rhythmic gymnasts can use private lessons as an opportunity to work on body difficulties, flexibility and strength, new routines, and apparatus motions. They are offered to all athletes starting from Level 3. Your coach will recommend a private lesson if they see your child struggling with a specific group of motions.

Working with a coach one-on-one in a distraction-free environment can help give athletes a "boost" in learning new things. Team members are encouraged to take at least 1-2 private lessons per month during the competitive season and preparatory period so that they can achieve their full potential. 

Dancers, ballerinas, figure skaters, etc. can benefit from private lessons to increase their flexibility, sharpen their technique, and learn new body skills. Our experienced coaches will guide your athlete through targeted exercises based on their goals and current skill level. They are experts in teaching children to feel their bodies and taking their flexibility to the next level. 

If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please fill out the form on this page and we will contact you. 


Scheduled by appointment.

Morning, midday, and evening times are available, we can work with you based on your schedule.


$65 per hour (current members)

$100 per hour (non-members)

Private Lesson Registration

Please fill out the following form to register for a private lesson.

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