JO Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Junior Olympic competitive program works to prepare athletes for Elite competition. It is a developmental program that allows athletes to gain new skills and transform from beginner to advanced competitors. Being a part of this team requires dedication and hard work, though this effort pays off as the athlete discovers the amazing things they can do with the help of their supportive coaches and team members. Some of the most important mental traits to possess in order to be part of the JO team are maturity, discipline, respect, and responsibility. Physical traits can always be developed, but two things we look for are flexibility and strength.

The JO program starts from Level 3 and goes to Level 8. Levels 9 and 10 are considered Elite competition. 3 or 4 routines are performed in the JO program every season, one is a floor routine and the others are apparatus routines. The earliest a child can compete in this program is the year that they will be turning 6 years old. Coaches will continuously evaluate athletes to determine movement through the levels. Questions regarding team requirements and placement are welcomed. Athletes from outside of our club may email us to schedule an evaluation and meeting with our head coach if they would like to join the team.

Time commitment for JO team ranges from 6 to 25 hours per week depending on level. 

Dress Code:

Top- Leotard, Tank Top, or Sports Bra.

Bottom- Shorts or Leggings.

Feet- White Socks or Toe Shoes.

Hair Style- Bun (Hair away from face).

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