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Competitive RG

USAG Development Program Team

The USAG Development Program (formerly known as Junior Olympic Program) at Prima works to prepare athletes for high-level competition. While being part of our competitive team requires a large amount of commitment and responsibility from athletes and their parents, we are confident that these efforts pays off as our girls continuously develop new skills, meet their goals, and experience the joy of this amazing sport.

Gymnasts who enter this track are typically very motivated athletes who begin training at 4-7 years old. They enter the team through try out or teacher recommendation only. We look for girls with natural physical abilities such as above-average flexibility, strength, and proper alignment. Most importantly, though, are mental abilities such as perseverance, discipline, respect, and focus. Gymnasts are moved through the levels at their own pace, based on the progress that they show throughout the season and summer training. It is perfectly normal everyone girls to move through the levels at different speeds, and repeating or skipping a level is not uncommon,

Our gymnasts consistently achieve high placement in regional and national competitions. We are incredibly proud of all of our results and emphasize that this is possible due to the work that all of our coaches and athletes complete together. We believe that in order to make our training a success, there must be very clear communication and understanding between parents, gymnasts, and coaches. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us to schedule a meeting and evaluation with our head coach.

Dress Code:

Top- Leotard, Tank Top, Sports Bra.

Bottom- Shorts, Leggings.

Feet- White Socks, Toe Shoes.

Hair Style- Bun (hair must be away from face).

Time commitment for JO team ranges from 6 to 25 hours per week depending on level. 


Please contact us regarding team pricing.

JO Team Pricing
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