Russian Language

Russian Classes are available for kids age 3.5 to 10 years old. These classes will teach your kids to read, write, and speak Russian. Scientific studies have shown that learning a second language is very good for the brain and can lead to more academic success. Our program teaches these things to students: 

- Development of Verbal Skills (Expansion of vocabulary and memorization of poems)

- Forming Sentences and Communicating Complete Thoughts

- Reading (Learning the alphabet, sounding out words)

- Writing in Cursive

- Introduction to Russian Literature

- Development of Critical Thinking

Your kids will be abe to comunicate in Russian!

We have Russian classses available for children of all skill levels, from those who are fluent speakers to those who are learning Russian as a foreign language. 

Russian for Beginners:

4-6 Years Old

7-8 Years Old

This class teaches reading and writing, development of speech, and an introduction to Russian literature. It is for children who have some basic knowledge of the Russian Language.

Intermediate Russian:

6-8 Years Old

9-10 Years Old

Development of speaking and communication skills, development of reading and writing, study of fictional literature. This class is for children who have prior experience with studying Russian language. 

Russian as a Foreign Language:

6-8 Years Old

This class teaches basic speech and introduces reading. It is for children who have had no experience with speaking Russian

Продолжается набор деток для изучения русского языка и русского языка как иностранного!

Русский язык для начинающих:
4-6 лет
7-8 лет
Обучение чтению, письму; развитие речи; знакомство с русской и советской литературой. 

Русский язык для продолжающих изучение
6-8 лет
8-9 лет
Развитие навыков диалогической и  монологической речи; развитие навыков чтения и письма; изучение художественной литературы. 

Русский язык как Иностранный :
6-8 лет
Разговорная речь; обучение чтению; знакомство с русской литературой.