Adult Gymnastics

Prima Sport Center is now offering an adult gymnastics (fitness and stretching) class for adults (18+) who want to increase flexibility and get in shape! No previous gymnastics or sports experience is necessary.

This class features a warmup, active movement, time at the ballet barre, and stretching exercises. These motions help strengthen and lengthen all muscle groups. The coach will guide you through the class and ensure that everything is done with proper technique so that you can receive the most benefit from each exercise.

There are numerous benefits to practicing gymnastics as an adult, these include:

  • Improved balance + coordination

  • Correction of poor posture

  • Increased bone + muscle strength

  • Better cognitive function and mental health

Gymnastics is a fun form of exercise and it is exciting to see and feel progress in the way you complete each motion. It is never too late to start doing an activity that you are interested in, especially one that is as beneficial as gymnastics. 

Whether your goals are to sit in a split, learn to do a cartwheel, or to simply increase endurance and overall fitness, we are here to help you meet them!


Friday- 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm


$10 per lesson.

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